Feeling To The Core

Its crazy how you put yourself in states which can destroy you mentally, physically and emotionally. Your instinct keeps telling you that you’re about to crash down if that one thing lets you down, yet you hang on to the thorns of a pretty looking flower thinking it will bloom eternally for you even though you know its not immortal. You love something so much that you want to vanish yourself for it, you will die for it even knowing how venomous that can be for you. You get cracks in your heart and do things not even your mind knows. No matter how sinful you think you are you have a heart of an innocent child when you love with such intensity. Your inner child hopes that the more purity and love you put in the more bigger will be your reward and that thing has to be your best possession for life. And if that doesn’t happen, you become a living dead. People say you heal but that isn’t true. You just learn to abuse that inner innocent child by cutting off its wings. You pack you bags with goods of patience and numbness and travel to a world far from yourself. If that ever happens, don’t kill your innocence and purity. Don’t numb it. Feel it to the fullest and transfer your energy into bigger things. Yes maybe you don’t get to live for yourself sometimes. But what is life if wasted in grieving over a thing you lost? How can you lost it when it was never yours?


Author: mishalshaheen

Electrifying emotions.

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